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Professional Duct and Air Vent Installation in West Palm Beach, Florida

Unfortunately, many HVAC systems in homes can be poorly designed. Though they may work fine at first, sometimes important factors or variables aren’t planned for, leading to uncomfortable rooms and homes down the line.
Vent placement and duct design are integral parts of a well-functioning air conditioning system, and the technicians at AMC Cool Breeze are well qualified to plan and install these critical pieces to keep your home cooled thoroughly and evenly.

Good Duct Design Makes a Difference

Our experienced professionals can identify the optimum locations to place ducting and vents, avoiding well in advance any problems that arise from uneven air distribution. Our technicians work to find a solution that minimizes the impact on your home, letting you and your family get back to normal as soon as possible — but now with significantly much more comfort.
In addition to planning a robust duct system, our professional installation services ensure that your conditioned air is distributed evenly and efficiently — maximizing the effectiveness of your AC equipment and saving you from problems down the road. As another step to increase effectiveness, we encourage the use of insulated ducting to keep your cool air cool.

Installing a Vent

Rooms that are too hot or too cold in relation to the rest of your home are a good indicator of poorly designed ductwork and shoddily placed vents, as a room may not be getting enough or is getting too much conditioned air. If your home already has ducting installed and uneven air distribution is making your home uncomfortable, the professionals at AMC Cool Breeze can help run a new vent to improve airflow.
Installing a vent requires tapping into an existing duct, which can mean cutting through drywall for an access point. Some home layouts make it easier to access your ducts than others, but we strive to find the least invasive route to your ducts, eliminating unnecessary harm to your home.
Once we run new duct work to where the vent will be placed, all that remains is fitting a vent boot and cover to direct air into the room. If you are experiencing uneven cooling in your home or need new ducting installed, give our friendly staff a call today.
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