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Reliable Duct and Vent Replacement in West Palm Beach, Florida

Ducts and vents are necessary for your AC system. If your ducts and vents aren’t in good working order, your system is essentially crippled. Though it often slips homeowners’ minds, aging ductwork needs attention just as any other home system does.
A lack of maintenance on your ducts and vents can result in inefficient air distribution and compromise the air quality in your home. When patch jobs and basic sealing won’t do, replacement is necessary. At AMC Cool Breeze, our seasoned technicians make sure that your duct and vent replacement job is as simple as possible.
Reliable Duct and Vent Replacement

Reasons to Replace Your Ducts and Vents

Ducts and vents need replacing for a wide variety of reasons. As mentioned above, the primary cause for concern with aging ducts is decreased efficiency of the distribution of cool or warm air. Small holes and poor seals result in your conditioned air being distributed in your walls and ceiling instead of being delivered to where you need it most.
In addition to decreased efficiency, old ducts can harbor all sorts of nasty things that can drastically reduce the quality of the air in your home, putting you and your family at risk for health issues down the road.
Ducts can be havens for dust, mold and bacteria, jeopardizing the health of your family. Maintaining your ducts with these things in mind can benefit your family greatly — especially if someone in your home is susceptible to asthmatic symptoms. Ducts can also harbor asbestos, particularly in older structures, posing another set of risks to the health of those in your household.
AMC Cool Breeze can help you resolve all of these issues and more. If you are worried about the status of your ducts in your home, give us a call today and breathe easier.